The radical website Counterfire published a review of The World Turned Upside Down by Hannah Cross.

“The World Turned Upside Down, a speculative fiction novel, is a compelling story of global exploitation and resistance driven by a complex protagonist, finds Hannah Cross.

Bianca Ndour, the protagonist in Leo Zeilig’s The World Turned Upside Down, travels the world as a famed scholar activist. She has particular ties to Nigeria, South Africa, and her mother’s native Senegal. In her London life, she faces a pair of increasingly suspicious police officers who are trying to understand a global spate of murders of the 1% – the financiers, moguls, barons, heiresses, industrialists, entrepreneurs, speculators – whose greed has created devastation, misery and death. A blog emerges from ‘The Revealer’, posting on climate apartheid, land grabs and food speculation. They call for readers to ‘go on or die!’, to obliterate the rich rather than tame or tax them. The rich perpetrators are identified along with their daily habits, presaging their violent demise…”

Read the full review here.