In September 2019, for RS21, I wrote an obituary on Robert Mugabe.

The death of Robert Mugabe (1924-2019) is being celebrated by Zimbabweans around the world. The 2008 massacre at the Chiadzwa minefield deserves to stand as a testament to his rule, writes Leo Zeilig.

Around the world tens of thousands of Zimbabweans are celebrating the death of Robert Mugabe. The media has resounded to a chorus of clichés – that either condemns him in racist terms as an African ‘monster’, or laud his liberation of Zimbabwe. Neither comes close to the truth about the man. Mugabe neither liberated Zimbabwe, nor was he a ‘monster’.

When independence came to Zimbabwe in 1980, Robert Mugabe led his party, the Zimbabwe African National Union, and defeated opponents within the liberation movement – Joshua Nkomo, who led the Zimbabwe African People’s Union (ZAPU), the historic leader of African nationalism, was decisively beaten …’

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