My article on Frantz Fanon in Critical and Radical Social Work has been made free to access for six months. The article Frantz Fanon’s radical psychiatry: the making of a revolutionary is available here. Please feel free to share the link and read the article.

‘Frantz Fanon was a psychiatrist and revolutionary. Born on the Caribbean island of Martinique, he studied in France and then moved to occupied Algeria. As a young doctor in Algeria he adopted the country’s struggle against the French as his own. In 1956, he wrote, ‘madness is one of the means were man has of losing his freedom … [and] psychiatry is the medical technique that aims to enable man no longer to be a stranger in his own environment’ (Fanon, 1964: 52–3). This article argues that it is impossible to appreciate Fanon’s significance without understanding his psychiatry, therapeutic practice and projects of hospital reform. The article describes the development of Fanon’s radical psychiatry and how it informed his exceptionally original critique of racism, colonialism and the revolutionary process. The article looks specifically at the themes of psychiatry, therapy and welfare …’

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