Project Description

The World Turned Upside Down


“Written on the heels of Black Lives Matter, Occupy, MeToo, RhodesMustFall, this is the novel of our time—rekindling the spirit of activism and revolution. Chaotic, confrontational, direct, and relentless, Zeilig takes on the world’s deftly disguised, seemingly well-meaning, but outrightly exploitative order. Woven around the story of an itinerant writer, activist, political theorist, this is no ordinary tale of Bianca—fighting to unravel a murder—but rather a treatise on anti-capitalist struggle narrated with revolutionary urgency….” Yusuf Serunkuma 

Bianca Ndour is a brilliant university professor and radical thinker. Originally from Senegal, she grew up in Nigeria, in a Shell oil compound, with her sister, Maïmouna and their friend Kaarina. A terrible incident shapes her life.

In the present day, Bianca becomes involved in trying to solve the murder of the global elite, and as she travels around the world, to promote her books, these murders escalate into what becomes a social movement. Troubled by her past, Bianca rages against the rich who are destroying the world. What role does she play in events that are turning the world upside down?

‘The World Turned Upside Down is a political novel, with a black, lesbian, neurodivergent, messy, lead, and a call to  seize the forces of history back to their rightful owners.’ 
Lena Anyuolo

‘The plot is insane and racy, the characterisation lively and a little insane, the self-honesty lacerating and playful, and the ideas solid and sound.’ 
Tariq Goddard