Despite not having been updated for several years there is invaluable historical material, archive documents, films clips and interviews on the Ruth First website on the struggle against Apartheid. Several interviews and videos are particularly interesting, including a lecture by Albie Sachs:



The event Albie spoke at was the thirtieth anniversary of Ruth First’s murder in 2012, on 7 June when the Institute of Commonwealth Studies held a one-day celebration of Ruth First’s life and work. The event included Albie Sachs, Gillian Slovo, Barbara Harlow, Alpheus Mangezi and Alan Wieder, among others. Don Pinnock, who was of the first to write about Ruth’s life and journalism in the 1980s, also spoke at the symposium.



Over the course of the symposium Vanessa Rockel interviewed comrades and colleagues of Ruth First on her legacy, thirty years after her death. They were conducted at Senate House, London. Probably the most outstanding interview is with Ruth First’s long-time collaborator and comrade Alpheus Manghezi:



Another interview worth listening to is with Gary Littlejohn, who worked with Ruth First in Mozambique, as part of a team undertaking vital research on the (aborted) transformation of Mozambique’s economy.



Don Pinnock’s research on Ruth First in the early 1990s with Ruth’s comrades and contemporaries are extraordinary. He interviewed, among many others, the brilliant, often maligned South African Marxist Baruch Hirson. Hirson was interviewed by Don in 1990 as part of a series of interviews carried out at Grahamstown University and held at the UWC/Robben Island Mayibuye Archive.



The entire collection of Don’s interviews with many of the unsung luminaries of South Africa’s anti-apartheid struggle is available on the project website, click here.