I was interviewed about by the brilliant Guerrilla History podcast series on national liberation and revolution in Africa.

In this episode of Guerrilla History, we do a survey on African revolutions and decolonization movements so that we can dive deep into individual African movements/revolutions in the future, and call back to this episode for the broader regional/continental historical context.  For this herculean task, we bring on Leo Zeilig, an editor of the Review of African Political Economy, a senior research fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies at the School of Advanced Study University of London, and an Honorary Research Associate at the Society, Work and Development Institute (SWOP) at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.

Listen to the podcast here.

Leo’s books include Thomas Sankara (HSRC Press), Frantz Fanon: Philosopher of the Third World (IB Taurus), African Struggles Today: Social Movements Since Independence (Haymarket), and Congo: Plunder and Resistance (Zed Books).  You can find his website at https://leozeilig.com/ and follow him on twitter @LeoZeilig.  Also, follow the Review of African Political Economy on twitter @ROAPEJournal and their website https://roape.net/ .

Guerrilla History is the podcast that acts as a reconnaissance report of global proletarian history, and aims to use the lessons of history to analyze the present.  If you have any questions or guest/topic suggestions, email them to us at guerrillahistorypod@gmail.com.

Your hosts are immunobiologist Henry Hakamaki, Professor Adnan Husain, historian and Director of the School of Religion at Queens University, and Revolutionary Left Radio’s Breht O’Shea.